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Need Gear!?

Moonet_Dor, Mar 1, 11 11:55 PM.
Need something Crafted or Gear Upgraded? Kinship officer's will be takeing requests at any time but here's a good day to try and catch them on :)

Drakuor Mon, Xeex Tues, Drumhella Wed, Moonet Thur, Vhera Fri, Ralieth Sat, Maril Sun

LotRO Music Fun

Moonet_Dor, Feb 21, 11 7:21 PM.
    Well I'm thinking of having a St Patrick's Day Music and Fun day on the 17th of March. I was also thinking we could get together on the weekends and Play some tune's and Sync up? So I'll be adding that and other stuff, if I can, to the Raid Calendar. so check it out for more info!

Kinship House new Rules

Moonet_Dor, Feb 11, 11 10:07 AM.
Due to the recent theft at the kinship house it will no longer be open to most of the kin as it was. The Kinship house will be accesible to Drak and Officers now, so if you want to donate any decorations please send/contact Drak or a Kinship Officer.

Kinship House Robbed!?!?!?!

Moonet_Dor, Feb 10, 11 4:57 PM.
I just went to the Kinship house today to drop something off, I forget what it was now :( And I noticed everything was gone? At first I thought it hadn't loaded, but some items still there like the bound ones!
Chest's have also been robed Blind! I'm so *CENSORED* *CENSORED* off at the moment!
I won't say any more on this at the moment as I'm sure GP would ban me for the language!

Join Ranger's Locked?

Moonet_Dor, Feb 5, 11 5:44 AM.
Hi all I am currently working on form(s) to join the Kinship till I get all the bug's/idea's worked out the button probably wont be working except for Officer's. If your looking to join our Kinship please ask a Member online for now, till I get it all sorted out and working properly. Thanks ~Moonet
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We are alway's looking for new friendly member's just ask one of us and we'll see what we can do thanks
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